Day Two – What on earth do I put in my tea

I am a Brit. As a Brit, I love a good cuppa. This poses a challenge as a vegan, I have discovered this week. Not that I am against black tea, green tea, herbals teas and the like (I am a big fan actually) but there’s no tea I enjoy more than a good hot cup of English Breakfast. This poses a dilemma.

Without milk in tea, its just not the same. And the alternatives aren’t quite cutting it.

So far I have tried (without much enjoyment): oat milk (ok but a little sweet), almond (horrid in tea), macadamia (too watery), soy (amazing in coffee…hideous in tea), and coconut milk (oddly quite tasty but didn’t actually taste like a cuppa).

I only have one left in my arsenal to try, rice milk. I have high hopes for it. After a little bit of Facebook discussion in a few vegan groups…rice came highly recommended. Tonight, I’ll try it and feedback.

I wonder what it is – I think dairy milk has a neutrality of flavour to it which means you taste the tea. The non-dairy alternatives, however, have their own lovely flavour, but that flavour sort of overpowers and sweetens the tea flavour, and therefore doesn’t really give me the outcome I want.

I am also sure that part of this is the transition of my taste-buds. I didn’t like tea with dairy milk in it either when I was young but I am so accustomed to it as a adult that everything else now tastes weird. I am sure in a few weeks it will be the exact reverse and I’ll find that dairy tastes odd. I hope so anyway. I’d like to enjoy my tea again. Its a small thing, but it matters!

What’s on the menu tonight…a delish sounding recipe from the forks over knives cookbook….stuffed portabello mushrooms with steamed kale and a cauliflower puree.

Feeling buoyed by the success and deliciousness of the polenta – I am again trying something new. Cauliflower puree is a first and I can’t wait.


Tonight’s dinner – straight from the forks over knives cookbook.


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