Who knew people would react this way..?

Something I didn’t expect was the strength of people’s reactions to my decision. I have had a mix of shock, criticism, approval, support, disapproval and curiosity (and I am only 3 days in!)

Isn’t it interesting that no-one ever says “Oh wow, you are eating meat, are you sure about that? Aren’t you worried about the link between cancer and meat consumption? Are you concerned about the treatment of those animals for your consumption? Are you sure its healthy and how will you know you are getting all the right nutrients?”

Being a vegetarian, and even more so a vegan, there are so many societal assumptions about the ‘health’ implications of such a diet choice and therefore…so many questions about the choice to become one.

I know its borne out of concern and love, but nevertheless it interests me.

I’d like to be clear, I’ve been vegetarian for 23 years. I recently had all my blood tests done, and they were all as they should be. I have been thinking about  becoming vegan for about 6 months and in that time I have read a lot. Really, a lot. One of the things I have read the most is about plant based nutrition and all the ingredients I need in my diet to ensure a balanced healthy lifestyle and to make sure my body has everything it needs to function. How many meat-eaters know that? In such detail? Not as many I’d warrant a guess.

I have actually created a list of all the vitamins and minerals etc etc and their sources  (e.g what I need to eat to make sure I have the right balance of them in my diet and therefore what needs to be in my food shop each week to sustain this) that will likely become my vegan cheat sheet until it becomes innate. I am a newbie remember.

Makeover vitamins and minerals

Makeover vitamins and minerals


I’ve also started taking Vitamin B-12 supplements as I have learned it is very hard to receive this in your diet as a vegetarian or a vegan. I didn’t have an iron deficiency as a vegetarian so I think its unlikely I will have one as a vegan. And…don’t worry…I have plenty of protein (funny that this one is always such a source for concern).

So I guess I’d like to say, thank you for your support everyone. Thank you for your questions. But please respect my decision and allow me to work it out as I go. If I make mistakes and if my health suffers…then we’ll figure that out as we come to it. However, I am confident that it won’t! In fact – I’ve been loving my first week as a vegan. I’ve tried so many new things and the flavours of the food I am eating have been sensational. I haven’t enjoyed cooking this much in years!

Tonight’s dinner….and the delish recipe here: http://www.italktofood.com/2010/11/chickpea-avocado-kale-salad.html

Tonight's yummy dinner


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