Day 5 – Cheesy Goodness

Cheese. Ah cheese. Its my achilles heel. After posting on Facebook about my blog – I noticed how many of you (you clearly know me well) were in disbelief that I would choose a life without it. Well, you are onto something there. Cheese is literally my favourite thing to eat. Haloumi, gorgonzola, strong vintage cheddar…and so on (my am I torturing myself?!)

And yet, I have chosen a lifestyle choice that means cheese, in its dairy form, is not a menu option for me any more.

Which is why I couldn’t be happier to have discovered cashew nut cheese. Why didn’t I know about this before? Who cares if I am vegan, i’d eat this stuff by the bucketload whether I was a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan. Its amazing. Just had it on toast for lunch. Its rocking my world.

Unbelievably good.

Unbelievably good.

I am so happy to have discovered this. It will making not eating cheese so much easier.

I have also discovered this little known bizarre ingredient called nutritional yeast. Its all over vegan forums and people rave about it. So, i’ve dived in and bought some, Bragg’s nutritional yeast. So many forums talk about Mac and cheese made with this stuff and (sometimes) with vegan cheese too.  Creamy pasta sauces made with it. And so on….

I’ve tried it a couple of times and I have to say its ok. Its not esp. cheesy and its certainly got a unique flavour, but I like it and it really does bring an interesting flavour as a coating / addition to cooking. I haven’t tried a Mac and Cheese yet…but why the hell not…I might try one this week.

As for other vegan (soy or otherwise) cheeses…I have yet to be convinced or to really find one I like. I’ve tried a few and shopped on a vegan website (great) called vegan perfection: and I love their product range. However, I have not yet fallen for a vegan cheese. But…I’ll keep trying. Sure I will find one I like at some point.

So…my cheese cravings are under control at the moment and I figure as long as keeping trying new things and experimenting then I can continue to worship my cheese gods, just without the dairy!

PS I forgot to update from the other day – rice milk is ‘go go go’ in my tea. Happy days!


3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Cheesy Goodness

  1. I have always been a vegetarian and now am trying to switch to being vegan but my obsessive need for all things cheese is making this challenging. I will try to find the cashew cheese and see if this changes it up for me. A struggling vegan, Cheryl


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