Day 6: Tofu rocks my world

I have been eating tofu for over 20 yrs and until this week I literally had no idea of its potential. 

Try not to roll your eyes.  I can imagine you doing it. Go with me on this one. Just for a minute abandon your usual thoughts on what it is and what it tastes like.

I have, in all my years as a veggie, only eaten tofu in a stirfry, laksa, grilled,  marinated or raw. I have never blended it or crumbled it.  I did not know this was an option! How I didn’t know this,  I dont know.  It’s not like I read a tofu manual when I became a vego; although now I wish I had! 

So,  for the first time, this week,  I have done both  (scrambled and crumbled). Holy moly its tasty.

For breakfast I made tofu scrambled on toast.  Bizarrely delish (although it defo tastes a lot better than it looks. ..a slightly browner version of scrambled eggs), tofu on toast was such a winner I am already planning my next meal of it. 
For dinner tonight I made Tofu ricotta and rejoiced! OMG. Its a simple ricotta style dish to be used in replacement of ricotta and is made with blended tofu, sunflower seeds,  olive oil,  lemon, garlic and nutritional yeast.  Check out the recipe in Thug Kitchen; a bloody brilliant vegan cookbook. 

I combined it with baked sweet potato rounds,  roasted tomatoes, basil and chives.  I was literally drooling. 

I never thought I would think it, let alone post it in a blog, but tofu you are the bomb. I have been wrong all these years in underestimating you. 

Long may you reign! 

For the curious.’s dinner.



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