My one week anniversary!

2014-07-04 07.08.01

So it’s been a week. It’s gone really quickly.

I expected it to be tougher if I am honest. I thought I’d crave more, struggle more, feel more different physically.

However, its been interesting, engaging and heartening. I feel like I’ve learned a little and achieved a little too. Go me! Ha.

What have I learned? Here’s my hit-list so far (its random):

1) What do vegans eat when its 35 degrees outside? Co-Yo ice cream. its good. Really really good.

2) What do vegans do when people challenge their decision? Ask others to be respectful and to honour my choices without judgement.

3) How does being vegan feel? Amazing. I feel clean, I have loads of energy and my skin is really clear.

4) What new things have I tried? Tahini dressing, polenta, tofu scrambled, tofu ricotta, pesto made with tofu not parmesan. All good! Also soy cheese. Not so good.

5) That more places than I expected have vegan options (whether intentional or not is another matter). Delightful quinoa salad at the Newport arms on Monday.

6) What have I missed? Only haloumi. Odd. But true.

7) That rice milk and oat milk are pretty good in tea as dairy milk replacements and that, a week in, I am totally used to the taste and enjoying it.

8) That a soy iced coffee from the local barista is a result on a hot day.

…and that’s it until the next post. Yours, smiling and eating Co-Yo!


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