Day 10 – There’s a whole world of vegan terminology out there

So I’ve joined a few vegan forums, for a number of reasons…

– I’m interested to learn why others are vegans

– I would love inspiration for recipes

– For support and to get a better understanding of this community

– Just out of interest

And, whilst all these needs have been met, I’ve also been introduced to a number of weird and wonderful words and products I had never heard of ten days ago; seitan, omni (a term used to describe others not eating meet), nutritional yeast, textured vegetable protein, casein and more. 

Its no wonder the vegan world seems confusing, overwhelming or bizarre to others, when suddenly you are faced with these terms. I think I was a pretty adventurous vegetarian cooking with tempah, quinoa, bulghur wheat and more, but it turns out there was so much more I wasn’t cooking that I didn’t know about. Things that, if I said I was serving up at a dinner party, would freak most people out they are so unknown. I’d love to have a massive vegan cook up for friends and to start to introduce some of these wonderful new ingredients to others. However, I think I need to learn to cook with them a little more first!

So this is a great opportunity. I want to get to know them, to try them or to learn to avoid them (depending on what we are referring to of course).

Omni is particularly interesting to me. I notice on vegan forums that some people refer to non-vegan partners or family members (or anyone else) as ‘omnis’. To me this seems strange, thus far. as I can’t imagine referring to my husband or friends as omnis. Of course, that’s what they are, but it seems so alien to me. I can’t imagine why I would want to. They are simply my friends and family who eat meat and who don’t happen to aspire or follow the same lifestyle choices as me and are on varying scales of it.

It would be like referring to my religious friends by their religion, or my gay friends by their sexuality. I don’t feel like I need to use a label to define them. I think, if I understand it correctly, that in vegan chat rooms, it makes sense as it helps to define the context of the message or conversation and it makes it easier to understand the subtext etc. However, outside of a chat room – I can’t believe its really useful as it creates division / separation in my eyes (my personal viewpoint of course and there is no judgement here of others). I’d be interested to hear others thoughts on this.

Anyway, thats enough ramblings from me for the day. I thought I might share my amazing dinner. A
friend shared this with me and I was really touched she did. So touched in fact, that I made it for dinner. You can find the recipe here:

Vegan Shepherds Pie for Dinner - thanks Jamie Oliver

Vegan Shepherds Pie for Dinner – thanks Jamie Oliver


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