Bacon: The Vegan / Vegetarian Killer?

As a vegetarian – I can’t even count the number of times people have asked me if I missed bacon. Anyone who is vegan or vego will sympathise. People literally can’t believe that someone would choose a life without the smell and taste of bacon in it.

Personally, its never been a challenge for me. If I am honest – when I first became vegetarian and – even now as a vegan after all these years – the smell of bacon doesn’t do it for me. Weirdly – the smell of sausages still gets me. But not to the point where I would ever ever consider eating one.

Why am I pondering on this today?

Well, I’ve been watching this really interesting show on Foxtel called ‘Eat:The Story of Food’ and really enjoying it. However, one of the ads for the show last week had a man gleefully stating, “bacon, the vegan killer’ and it got me wondering if that was indeed true to any degree…so I did some research.

Turns out its not, its chicken.

A recent study in the states found out that a whopping 88% of vegetarians (it didn’t go into veganism in much detail) go back to eating meat. Thats 5 out of 6 people. And the thing they eat first…chicken. Here’s the article in full:

This is massive. I had no idea. What interested me was that the study doesn’t delve into the reasons these 88% became vegetarian in the first place as I would assume this would have some impact.

  1. Did they just not like the taste of meat that much in the first place?
  2. Was it just a bit hard?
  3. Were they being judged or not supported by family and friends?
  4. Did they do it because their partner did?
  5. Did they become vegetarian to lose weight?
  6. Was it something they just thought they’d try for a bit?
  7. Did they morally oppose the eating of meat on the basis of the cruelty of factory faming, the awful inhumane treatment of all animals for mass production and the terrible impact mass meat production has on the environment..?

…and so on.

I’d be really interested to know as people make their choices for very different reasons. In case you hadn’t guessed, I am the latter and thats likely why I never have and never could turn back. Where its interesting to me is if other people who share this same belief, actually went back to eating meat. That astonishes me. How can the taste of chicken be more important than the pain caused by out tacit acceptance of eating it and our ‘turning a blind eye’ because it tastes nice?

For me, you can’t un-know this stuff and the taste of meat could never outweigh that.

88% though. Wow. I know a few vegos who turned back however, to be honest, they weren’t motivated by the same reasons as me in the first place and therefore it never really surprised me. I think there’s a real statistical and data gap in this survey and an opportunity missed to really understand what’s going on here.

I am now going into week three and absolutely loving loving my vegan diet. I feel clean, I have loads of energy, my skin has improved and I am excited about every meal. I literally can’t even comprehend eating chicken or ever wanting to.

I have faith in human nature. I continue to hope that more and more people will realise the impact of their choice to eat meat and the inherent pain associated with that decision (not to mention the impact on their own health and the inscrutable links to dairy / meat consumption and cancer).

On a lighter note – here’s my brekky. Scrambled tofu on toast. I am addicted to this stuff. Its sooo simple and so yum. Try it!

Heres the recipe I use.

Thank you Tofu. You Rock.

Thank you Tofu. You Rock.


2 thoughts on “Bacon: The Vegan / Vegetarian Killer?

  1. Interesting…. and huge statistics at 88%. I wonder if some of those people received poor health impacts because they were not eating an “educated” vego diet – then maybe fear kicks in which has them revert back to the meat because it’s what they know? So important to know how and what to substitute the meat with for long term sustainability. Thanks for a great blog 🙂 Look forward to the unfolding 🙂


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