Vegan cheese, it seriously sucks…

…and that had been my opinion for forever and a day. 

I had never found a vegan cheese that I felt could even be compared on the same scale as a good vintage cheddar (let alone haloumi). They were just pretenders. And sure, from time to time, I dipped my toe in, thinking this time I might like it…but no…it still tasted like a chemically adapted cheese that was trying its best to emulate cheese, but failing. It was, put simply, a poor unsatisfying second. And so, I have been for the last two months, hardly touching the stuff. It doesn’t melt properly, it doesn’t go nice and crunchy and brown in the oven and it tastes like plastic in a sarnie….

….and that was my stance. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I discovered Biocheese,

Biocheese heaven

Biocheese heaven

Ok, lets not get OVER excited here. Its still not your melt in the mouth, could I seriously be any happier, vintage cheddar, but it does a damn good job of tasting much like a mild cheddar. It even melts properly. I tried it yesterday on crackers melted with vegan Worcestershire on top and seriously nearly danced in the kitchen. I have found a cheese that’s dairy free and sort of tastes like cheese. I’ll take anything, mild cheddar or not, and this stuff rocks.

If you are a vegan – get out and try this stuff. Its not cheap but Coles is now stocking it and its in 95% of their stores. Gold, I tell you, gold. I am a convert.

Encouraged by the cheese revelation, its been a weekend of fake dairy. Not only have I tried the delish cheese. I have also stocked up on CoYo (amazing) and made my own dark chocolate vegan hearts after reading this recipe (see below my chocs and the recipe).

2015-02-14 19.19.59 2015-02-12 18.44.44

They don’t taste ANYTHING like conventional dark chocolate. But they are still delightful. I also added a small pinch of salt to mine and think you could probably use more vanilla or mix in some ginger / cinnamon / nutmeg / chilli for an interesting flavour. Note – if you don’t like the taste of coconut..don’t bother 😉

Its been fun experimenting and, even better, its lovely to have some non-dairy cheese in my fridge that is now going to become a regular fixture. Happy days.


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