The measure of a civilisation is how it treats its weakest subjects and the most vulnerable

In my 23 years as a vego…I have to say I never really paid much attention to animal testing on products.

I didn’t use some products by choice as I knew they tested on animals, but I knew this from way back when, even when I was a teenager. These included vidal sasson, pantene, L’oreal and maybelline. I have always avoided them since I realised.

However, I naively assumed that, since the 90s when I learned about these products, that this practice had been massively reduced as, really, its awful, truly awful what happens to these poor animals. I don’t want to use something thats been poured into some little rabbits eyes to see what reaction its had, or poured onto their shaved skin to see what reaction there is…

I was wrong. It wasn’t until a recent trip to Melbourne when I walked into a Kiehl’s shop, as I love their products, and asked (the first time I’d ever asked) if they tested on animals. ‘Oh yes’, the man behind the counter said, ‘we test on rats.’ I believe that he thought my reaction would be, ‘oh well, never mind, they’re only rats, who cares about rats anyway, they are vermin.’ However, my face must have expressed my thoughts. No poker face there.

And so, I started reading and exploring more.

It turns out that almost everything we use from cosmetic to household products have been tested on some poor unsuspecting and undeserving animal.

Peta have a great list of all the products that are, as does animals Australia.

And so, when I ran out of shampoo and conditioner recently, instead of reaching for my usual at the supermarket, I stood back and considered the decision I was making. Instead, I went to my local organic store and picked out two that weren’t. I made the effort and, you know what, my hair is just as clean, they smell as nice etc etc. There was no just pain involved in their creation. I feel much happier knowing this.

If you’d like a list of all the good, sustainable, pain free options – take a look here. Its really not hard to avoid buying and supporting products that have caused harm and misery. Hopefully you might feel inspired to consider this too.

Happy Tuesday all.


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