I was in a shower in a hotel in Sydney and I discovered something amazing…

…stay with me…stay with me…

I discovered the most amazing vegan product. Kudos to the Amora Jamieson in Sydney who have all vegan products in their bathrooms. Whilst staying there as a treat for my husband’s birthday I, out of curiosity as the product smelled so amazing, read the ingredients of the shower gel only to discover they were all vegan.

downloadI was astounded and impressed as these products were heavenly. What were they? The brand was Sukin I got to try their shampoo, shower gel and body lotion and all of them were divine. I have now hunted them down and purchased a mahoosive bottle of their shower gel.

One of my last posts talked about starting to use vegan, pain free, products and I am slowly slowly inching my way through my products. I am not going to throw away make up or perfume or cleaning products in my cupboard that aren’t as that seems, to me, to be really wasteful on a number of levels. Instead, I am gently replacing old with new when I run out.

In my learning curve about products that are pain free I also ended up re-connecting with a really fantastic friend who I haven’t spoken to in years – and for that I am really grateful (love you Lou!). She has embarked upon her own similar journey and is now selling an amazing product of her own after she wanted to find out and use products that were also pain free and of a really high quality. After a lovely catch up chat she sent me some free samples of Arbonne products. Again, entirely vegan. And I had the pleasure of trying their face creams, shampoos and body lotions. I have been nothing impressed. So impressed in fact that I am planning on asking my lovely friends and family to indulge in treating me to some when my birthday rolls around. Check them out here.

Which leads me to my final new product love, Aesop. I have recently purchased their face scrub and serum – and I love love love them.

None of these products caused any little rabbit or rat any pain along the way, and they are amazing. I genuinely don’t understand, now I have figured out what I have been endorsing unknowingly all these years, why I would buy anything else in the future if I can avoid it.

I hope this might be useful for anyone out there who wants to make this shift too…I feel happy knowing I have.

This is the porridge of the gods ;)

This is the porridge of the gods 😉

And onto my final love of the week….an amazing deluxe vegan porridge. Its not a vegan cookbook, but Fleur Wood’s Food Fashion Love is a book that was gifted to me recently and its beautiful. It has so many hearty, organic, healthy recipes in it and this is one of my faves. So much so that I have had it for breakfast three mornings in a row this week. Keeps you full until lunch and is incredibly delish. An amazing spin on an old recipe. Just wanted to share 😉

Until next time….


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