In the foothills of Cuzco, I discovered a love that I forgot…

…many many moons ago a dear friend of mine, Jo, and I went on an adventure to Peru.

We had an absolute whale of a time and marveled at many things. In amongst a bout of altitude sickness, much walking, the breathtaking beauty of Macchu Picchu, coca tea, showers cold enough to make you shriek and glorious hot chocolates in Cuzco’s main square, the only thing troubling me (as a then vego) was the lack of decent vegetarian fare.

I clearly wasn’t going to eat the guinea pigs served as a national dish (and frequently spotted endearingly running around on the restaurant floors) and I certainly wasn’t up for the mystery dishes I couldn’t translate despite my average Spanish, so what was I to do?

Well, there was one dish that saved my day (or my entire three weeks I should say). What…I hear you cry….the humble avocado. This trip was likely the first time I had ever really eaten avocado (it was also my first time trying quinoa whilst on the banks of some stunning fertile grove halfway up somewhere on the Inca trail and cooked up in a potato stew by our amazing gurkhas) and it was certainly the first time I had truly appreciated it.

Imagine my surprise when, upon first ordering it, it was delivered to me hot, and baked. I’d never really eaten it, let alone eaten it hot and it was DEVINE. That is not an overstatement.

It was baked – in its skin. Basically, the pip had been removed and in its place had been stuffed a delicious concoction of finely chopped potato, garlic, chilli, tomatoes and some other magic. I ate it every chance I got. I am not sure THAT much avocado is even good for you, but I didn’t care. It was so very good and set me up for a lifetime love of the amazing green gift.

Oddly enough, I had forgotten I had even had this dish. So many years have passed, around 15, since I ate it, that my memory had all but wiped that dish and I hadn’t had baked avocado since I arrived back on the shores of the then UK fresh from the trip. I attempted it once, and it just wasn’t the same, and it then seeped away from my memory until it was nearly gone…

But then, by sheer chance, after talking with another good friend, Lou, she mentioned this fabulous blog to me called Deliciously Ella Its fantastic. I’ve already cooked three dishes from her resume. Thus inspired, I paid the $4 to purchase her app, and was astonished upon opening it to see a recipe for baked avocado! Immediately, my senses were refreshed and I decided to try and pull it off again, all these years later.

Baked avocado dinner

I have to say – I was pretty delighted with the result. Not only was it tasty and healthy but it was also very very easy to cook.

The recipe was simple – mix cherry tomatoes, chill flakes, fresh garlic into a paste (I added potatoes just for old time’s sake) and bake in the oven (in skins) for about 40 mins.

I simply served it on a bed of rocket with some homemade beetroot white bean dip.

I will not forget again…*sighs with satisfaction!

PS if ever you are considering the Inca Trail – we used the top company on this list: SAS Travel. Amazing company.


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