Chocolate for Breakfast Anyone?

This is ‘up there’ in my levels of indulgence. Believe me – chocolate for breakfast is not usually ‘the go’.

Chocolatey goodness

Chocolatey goodness

However, since these little pockets of banana chocolate yumminess are actually super healthy…I have persuaded myself that, as a treat, why the hell not start my day with one!

Once again Deliciously Ella has nailed it. This recipe is yum. I did it exactly as is  – and apart from adding some vanilla essence and a little organic first press coffee – they are exactly as she meant them. The coffee was a genius addiction – lovely.

See the full recipe here

In theory – its a totally guilt free pudding (or breakfast) as there is no added sugar, no dairy and no gluten. Amazing. They do work out at about 400 calories a pop so you might not want to eat them right before bed….just a thought. You also really need to like the taste of bananas. If not…don’t bother!

I am not really that much of a ‘sweet tooth’ much preferring cheese flavours or strong savory flavours, however these make an awesome breakfast, mid morning / avo snack or dessert if you have friends around. I suspect kids would love them too.

Not sure what’s next on my list to try but I am absolutely loving the variety in my diet since becoming vegan. Its so amazing to feel, not only super healthy and strong but also as if the world’s my oyster and there are still so many flavours and recipes to try. A weekend of cooking experimentation beckons….


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