My quest for the holy grail of vegan cheese is over

So, my husband asked me the other day if I missed cheese…

I thought about it long and hard and actually surprised myself with the answer, which is that I miss feta. Odd. When I was eating cheese I would totally have thought that haloumi or strong cheddar would have been the top candidates, but, not so. I confess I miss feta and, so far, I haven’t found anything to equal it (I bought a fake feta online and it was horrible…going to have to incorporate it into another dish so it doesn’t go to waste).

However, there is good news to share.

The question about cheese spurred my desire to once again ‘dive’ into the world of vegan cheeses. I’ve had enough crappy plastic-like vegan cheeses to last a lifetime in the last 5 months, so I confess I wasn’t hopeful.

Apart from a mild liking for bio-cheese (but really only because it was the best I’d found) I hadn’t been inspired by anything and had, instead, resorted to not having anything unless I made it as it just wasn’t worth it. My tastebuds were happier going without rather than trying to enforce a poor taste emulation upon them.

I am happy to report that all of this has changed. I read online about this amazing cheese by Miyoko’s creamery.  

After a little investigation I discovered that a) its pretty pricey and b) its so popular its often out of stock

I initially shied away from paying that much for cheese. However, I finally decided, what the heck, its nearly my b’day, I am going to treat myself and WOW am I glad that I did.

IMG_20150506_172744This cheese is unreal.

I actually feel like I could eat this over and over (probably in one sitting without too much effort) with crackers, hummus and friends and have a happy old indulgent time. This is the cheese I will order online and take away for a weekend with friends. This is the cheese I will sit and nibble with crackers and a glass of wine. This is the cheese of choice. I have ordered and tried the chive one but not yet the sun-dried tomato one, and I can’t wait to try the whole bloody product line. Amazing. Thank you Miyoko. This stuff is amazing and you have made this vegan a really happy lady.

I ordered it online here at the Cruelty Free Shop.

Whilst online at this shop I also decided, on a whim, to purchase another product I had seen lots of positive feedback about on Facebook; Daiya.

I wasn’t expecting great things – however I was really pleasantly surprised. This stuff is really not like cheddar but is a lot more like edam. Its actually great because vegan cheese is virtually impossible to grate and also because it actually melts nicely and tastes a little like melted cheese.

I had it with baked beans on toast the other day and was pretty pleased with myself.

So – they are my two firm vegan cheese endorsements / recommendations. I am now sold. No more crappy plastic style cheeses for me, its these two all the way.

Happy days…now all I have to decide is what to eat with them next…





2 thoughts on “My quest for the holy grail of vegan cheese is over

  1. I have Daiya all the time but my family does rebel when I melt it in the kitchen. Apparently they hate the smell of it!!! I have never tried the other but it does sound really good.


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