Desserts and my Achilles Heel

I can’t believe its been nearly 6 months since I began this journey. Its gone so quickly and I’ve adjusted so much that it now seems weird that I ate in any other way.

I feel super healthy, my weight is great, my hair and skin and nails are in great condition and I’ve haven’t even had so much as a sniff of a cold the whole time (and yet have been surrounded by colds at work and home). Life is good.

However, until this weekend, there was one thing I hadn’t attempted and certainly didn’t feel confident about, and that was vegan desserts.

I’ve happily completed my quest for a vegan cheese that makes me smile, I’ve tried and tested a few seitan recipes and settled on one I love (which I’ll share later in another post) and I feel like I have tried and loved (most) of the new recipes and food stuffs I have discovered. Desserts and baking, however, remain a little bit of an achilles heel for me.

My husband will happily concur that my biscuits are a litte dry, that the vegan avocado choc mousse I made was a little gritty and odd and that some of the other sweet treats I have attempted generally haven’t sent anyone mad with delight about how tasty they were….

This weekend, however, I tried a recipe from The Unbakery, the best bloody vegan recipe book ever. I mean it quite literally. Its amazing. Go out and buy it! I am not even sure its a vegan cookbook as its focus is on raw food but 99.9% of the recipes are nonetheless vegan (and phenomenal).

mango torte and soy good ice cream with fresh mango

mango torte and soy good ice cream with fresh mango

The recipe in the book was for an Apricot and Ginger Torte which I was cooking to take to a friend’s dinner party for dessert. I was more than a little nervous knowing my skills in the dessert department are not especially strong. Oddly, and not entirely safely, I decided to amend the recipe, removing the ginger and exchanging the apricot for mango. This was a risky little move given my past success rates but, oh my, it really really paid off.

The recipe (original and with my variations) is below. it was painstaking but it was so very very worth it. Sure – my could have done with a little tweaking and, sure, the cream could have been a little smoother (my blender conked out half way through one of the stages)  but overall it was insane and I would 100%  make it again. The perfect dinner party dessert.

So…my changes to the recipe were:

Base – removed the dried ginger and doubled the vanilla bean. Also – added dark chocolate chips into the mixture. Just a handful.

Cream filling – Didn’t have fresh coconut flesh so took the extra cashew recommendation. Didn’t use the filtered water and instead used more almond milk. Used the agave option (instead of maple syrup or the suggested honey). Used mangos instead of apricots.

original recipe from the unbakery book

original recipe from the unbakery book

Doubled the vanilla bean and vanilla essence. Added veg set (1 teaspoon) to the mix as didn’t trust it would set (didn’t trust myself I had done it correctly…).

Syrup – didn’t make one. Just used the juice from the fresh mangos instead. And grated dark chocolate over the top to decorate.


– I made 1.5 of everything as it wasn’t quite enough to fill my cake tin

– I made the base the night before and set it in the fridge

– The filling literally takes about 6hrs to set in the fridge so you can’t rush it!

If you decide to make it – have fun! It was completely worth the effort and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Enjoy the calories. This is not a dessert for dieters!

the finished deliciousness

the finished deliciousness


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