An Indulgent Sunday…thx to my husband

This morning, whilst wandering around Coles, my husband got an idea for a dinner treat for us both this evening.

He loves a pear; poached, stewed or otherwise. He decided to make a deconstructed pear crumble and I was onboard. 100%.

Whilst he busied away making all the component parts (I am most grateful), I set about making my ‘veganised’ version of the dessert. So we ended up with two versions; one vegan, one not.

Non dairy friends

Non dairy friends

Thanks to the help of some ‘friends’ purchased at the Cruelty Free Shop (pictured left) I was able, with very little actual effort to make up a delish and creative vegan dessert. If you feel like a quick and easy vegan dessert – this is a great starter for ten. I would totally serve it up to my friends at a dinner party. Its super easy and stress free.

How to do it? Here you go…(It makes 2 servings each time)

2015-10-18 14.59.42Chop pears into cubes, then poach pears (1 pear per person) in water with about 1 tablespoon brown sugar, scraped vanilla bean pods (1), and a pinch of cinnamon until they are ready….basically just a little firm and not squishy / mushy. Set aside.

In each glasse (see pictured) place crumbled muesli (of your choice) about a handful. Top with vegan custard (I used the Alpro pictured) using a piping tube to your taste in terms of amount. Then add half of the pear cubes in each glass saving 3-4 per glass to top it off. Then pipe about a tablespoon of the soy dulce de leche on top. Add a little more crumble (muesli), some lemon zest, the leftover pear cubes and a pinch of cinnamon and hey presto.

Ready for a delicious treat!

Ready for a delicious treat!

For those looking to preserve their weight – these little babies are about 350 calories per dessert. Not something to be eaten 3 times a day as a staple but not ridiculous in terms of calories and sugar.

Roll on dessert and thanks to my lovely husband for the idea and execution.


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