In Egg-less Wonderment

Today’s post is all about the celebration of eggs or rather…the lack of.

Eggs were the reason I became vegan in the first place. They were the straw that broke the camel’s back. I literally had no idea of how male chicks were disposed of, as I didn’t know it was something I even had to worry about. All those years of being vegetarian and I had no idea that I was supporting – inadvertently – something so cruel and so inhumane by simply eating an innocent old egg.

So – today is all about celebrating that knowledge and celebrating the amazing things happening around the world to try and remove that reality and find a way around using eggs to pave a way for a better, healthier, pain free, sustainable, cholesterol reduced, more enviro friendly future. Its a big call. But there’s some really exciting stuff happening.

First up – I saw this today and was so impressed at what Hampton Creek foods are doing. Not only did they take on the US egg industry who fought them over their egg-less Mayo (which I would love to try) and won….

They are also working really hard to try and create the first comparable egg-less scrambled egg. Imagine the possibilities. To say I am excited would be an understatement.

Next up – Germany becomes the first country to ban ‘chick-shredding’. Even that term turns my stomach. But what a result. I couldn’t be prouder of their decision and I hope that other countries follow suit (hopefully without replacing the options with an equally inhumane one). Read more here. 
Egg free wondermentFinally – I discovered, a few weeks ago, an egg-less wonder of my own. Not something I can take any credit for but I loved it all the same. It was an egg-free spanish omelette. WTF I thought. Read Here
I bought one, fully expecting to be disappointed and that it would be glaggy, and not especially tasty. I LOVE IT when I am proved wrong.
OK – no one could ever confuse it for an actually omelette (more like a spanish tortilla than an omelette in taste) but it was delicious for breakfast and equally so for dinner with a salad.
It wasn’t exactly low in calories so I had two meals of it, half and half.
20151008_072223I really was impressed and will definitely be ordering it again and wanted to share the love.
Here’s to a world with less pain and more yummy egg alternatives! Happy Weds all.

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