Happy anniversary to me

Its been a year. A year since I stepped out on this adventure to become a vegan.

I can’t believe a year has gone by, 2015 flew. I also can’t believe this lifestyle has been my lifestyle for over a year. I haven’t been perfect (there’s no such thing anyway) and I have faltered along the way but I also haven’t beaten myself up about things, I haven’t regretted the decision for a single day and I also have never felt better.

imagesI love the fact that my life is now virtually free from cruelty, that I am no longer partaking in the cruel hidden rituals of suffering metered out everywhere around the world in the name of our tastebuds and that I’ve re-connected with a moral compass I sort of lost along the way there for a while.

Thank you to my husband for your support – I know its been possibly harder for you than it has been for me. And thanks to my friends for questioning but never judging.

What have I learned along the way in this journey of mine?

    1. There is more cruelty being metered out to helpless sentient beings than I ever imagined possible
    2. That reading is my best friend – I have learned so much this year simply from reading and absorbing from whatever I can get my hands upon
    3. That people, not just animals, suffer from the mass production of dairy and meat – those working in slaughterhouses suffer from addiction, relationships breaking down, PTSD and more – to cope with what they do and see each day
    4. That most people are curious and ask intelligent and insightful questions of why but that some are just closed to it and choose to be defensive instead
    5. That the support of my husband, friends and family has been more valued than they will ever know – esp when I read online about how cruel and judgemental the loved ones of others are to them – I count myself very lucky
    6. That people surprise you – at least 3 friends have become vegetarian and one vegan in 2015 – from watching Earthlings and choosing to become more informed
    7. That there is hope – there are so many amazing vegan groups online and on FB and I love reading their daily comments and recipe ideas
    8. That there are some serious hardcore vegan police out there – who I choose not to engage with. They are merciless and unforgiving (and passionate which I respect). They are the ones who – undoubtedly – make change happen but also alienate along the way
    9. The best way to engage others is to be open, honest and gentle in the delivery of your reasons why
    10. That I don’t feel the need to wear my veganism like a badge – there are many who love their t-shirts etc but I don’t feel like I need to advertise it. I never wore a vegetarian t-shirt – why the need for a vegan one? Each to their own. No judgement for those who do but for me its my personal choice and nothing more.
    11. That so many are quick to condemn cruelty but far less are as quick to change anything as a result
    12. That milk is really really terrible for you and that the marketing of it as the best source of calcium astounds me
    13. That govts and the food industry are in bed together all over the world
    14. That making a buck seems to be more important than doing the right thing by a nations citizens and animals and thus cruelty reigns supreme
    15. That there is no looking back. I can’t un-know what I now know and…that life is better this way.

Here’s to the future, to what I have learned and what I have yet to learn.

Thank  you to those who follow this blog and good luck to all those just starting on this journey.


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