How I learned more about vegan nutrition in the last 5 months than I thought possible

I am happy. Really happy.

Today I got my results through from the docs of my most recent blood tests. After 1 year of being vegan I had my bloods done as I wanted to know I wasn’t deficient in the big stuff, you know, the stuff everyone thinks vegans are deficient in…B12 and Iron. And…I was super happy in November when I discovered I was mid range and in the healthy range for everything.

However, I’ve been seeing a nutritionist since then and she felt I could still improve in my results. The woman is a legend, and has taught me so much about what I could eat more of and how to balance all of the nutrients I need in my diet.

Today, I got another set of results back, after a further 5 months and I am beaming. Literally beaming. I can’t stop smiling. 

Not only have my results improved, but they have improved dramatically. To well above the mid-range and into the upper range.

Check them out below….my iron levels have gone from 16.8 back in 2013 as a vegetarian to 29.6 as a vegan (the range is from 5.0 – 30.0) so I am almost literally at the top of the range).


My vitamin B12 has gone from 262 as a vegetarian in 2013 to 460 now in 2016 as a vegan (healthy range is deemed to be 135 – 650). I am over the moon. Quite literally.


Amanda Ford, of Zest and Zing has done wonders with my diet. SO much amazing advice and such great tips. If you read my last blog and enjoyed it (click here to read) on the ultimate vegan shopping list….it works. And whatever you think about nutritionists versus dietitians etc etc….its hard to question these results. I am so pleased.

And its not just on paper. I feel amazing. I have so much energy, my nails are strong, my hair is shiny and my skin is clear. Who could argue with it.

Its been a journey and I’ve had to really apply some thinking and research to my diet. Its not like being vegetarian, or eating meat, you do need to think, really think, about what you are eating and how it’s sustaining you. But its worth it, really worth it. I am worth it. I am so pleased with all of the research I did, reading I did, and the assistance of this amazing woman.

To any doubters of the vegan diet out there…here’s the proof. You can be vegan without being unhealthy, skinny, unwell, sickly and all those other stereotypes that the meat matrix would have you believe. You are what you eat and I am living it and loving it and hope to go from strength to strength. Glass of wine in hand. Celebrating.

Love and chickpeas all.




2 thoughts on “How I learned more about vegan nutrition in the last 5 months than I thought possible

  1. Hi, my name is Vernessie, and I came across your blog/website today. I am starting my journey to becoming vegan and I must say your recipes and knowledge has really been inspiring. Thank you for sharing,


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